The symposium is organised as a one full day event on 4 June 2019. Digital Cities 11 aims to

  1. Bring together researchers and practitioners who are conducting HCI, interaction design, participatory design, and related research at the intersection of sustainable smart cities, urban informatics, urban interaction design, IoT, and notions of the more-than-human;
  2. Network participants;
  3. Collect case studies of design and practice in this space;
  4. Bring together critical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to inform future work in the area;
  5. Make audiences working in the space of smart cities aware of emerging more-than-human perspectives, including the opportunities and challenges of the topic;
  6. Address some of the challenges we encountered at our PDC’18 workshop and explore ways of bridging between disciplines in this very transdisciplinary area by fostering new links within the wider research community;
  7. Solicit authors and audiences for an edited book on the subject to continue the Digital Cities anthology series, and;
  8. Consider how we can take the debate out of the realm of academia and begin to talk to planners, practitioners, decision makers, policy makers, etc. in government, industry, and communities.

The preliminary symposium schedule is as follows:

09:00: Welcome
09:15: Summary of PDC’18 workshop outcomes
10:00: Short introductory presentations by participants
10:30: Morning tea break
11:00: Short introductory presentations by participants (continued)

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Plenary discussion to inform group exercise
14:30: Exercise in small groups
15:30: Afternoon tea break
16:00: Group reflections and next steps
17:00: Symposium ends

19:00: Symposium dinner (optional)